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How To Install Windows 8 Developer Preview
This is a guide on how to install Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtual machine. This will allow you to install windows 8 and try it out while still retaining your existing OS

Windows 8 Pre-Beta ISO Download Links
Download a pre-beta copy of Windows 8 – click on the relevant like below. As this is an early build of Windows 8, it is not recommended that you install this on a production machine as it might not be stable enough.

Windows 8: Not Your Old Operating System
Five months before Windows 7 shipped, Windows 8 was in the planning stages. Already there is a lot of talk

5,000 Microsoft Developers Get Samsung Windows 8 Tablets
Well Microsoft certainly was feeling very gracious today, after Steve Sinofsky gave us a good look at Windows 8 for the first time he also showed just how easy it will be for developers. A Microsoft developer created an app there and then on the stage

Windows 8, Much more than Metro
Today Microsoft showed off Windows 8, well at least a small part of it.  The whole of Windows chief Steven

Windows 8 Developer Preview To Come Tonight
Right guys, it’s the news we’ve all been waiting for! Microsoft have announced today that a Windows 8 Developer Preview will be coming along “later this week” for us to play around with. We’re being told that developers will be able to download the Windows Developer Preview via the new Windows Dev Center later this week.

Download Windows 8 ISOs Right Now

The Build Conference has started and Microsoft is currently streaming the keynote live on the Internet.

Windows Server 8 Dashboard Leaked
A screenshot of the Windows Server 8 dashboard has been leaked. It seems to have adopted the new tile interface that Microsoft is rolling out in Windows 8 which we first saw in Windows Phone 7

Samsung Tablet Expected To Show Off Windows 8 Tablet Next Week

Microsoft are expected to unveil a Samsung Tablet running Windows 8 at this weeks Build conference, however we don’t know if the windows 8 tablet will be running on an ARM processor or an Intel one

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